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Our story

Long before there were app stores and “smart” phones, Eric Shapiro and Adam Fingerman were college roommates and co-workers at Apple. When the iPhone was introduced, it was like a toggle just switched on: Ideas started flowing, and it became clear to Eric and Adam there was going to be a business in creating apps. And there was no way they were going to miss out on it.

In 2009, they started ArcTouch and soon had Merck, Honeywell and Champs Sports as clients. In the seven years since, the pair have built a team of more than 100 talented strategists, designers and engineers. And ArcTouch has since served up hundreds of apps for more than 150 world-class clients.

Building connections

The secret to ArcTouch’s success is understanding the connection between people and businesses. When someone installs an app, they’re making a real commitment. It’s an opportunity and a responsibility for brands and businesses to create amazing experiences for the customers they care about most — often on their most personal device, the mobile phone.

But the mobile phone is just the beginning. We now live in a world of connected devices, wearables and smart things, and there’s so many opportunities for brands to deepen their connections with their customers. Those connections don’t just happen magically. It’s a process:


We dive deeply into your business to understand your market, your objectives and your challenges. We learn about your users, their pain points and interests. And at the intersection, we find the opportunity and an idea.


The real skill happens as our team of designers and engineers take an idea and transform it into an experience. It goes way beyond code and screens. It’s equal parts understanding human behavior and solving complex technical challenges.


A truly great app forges a deep connection between a business and its customer. Like any relationship, it changes over time. We take what we learn and evolve the app — and the experience — so the connection gets stronger.

Our team

Our talent is the best of the best. We hire those who relish mastering new skills over being reliant on past experience. We encourage our people to challenge themselves but to be disciplined about meeting key deadlines. We know that we work most effectively when we’re inspired, but in control.

We love our tech, but we’re human, too. We value our family and friends, and the connections we forge with one another and our clients through our work. Our culture reflects this. We have weekly team lunches and annual team-based hackathons, we offer unlimited PTO, and have an open pet policy.