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Virtual test drive with extreme acceleration

The Audi A6 Experience for iPad offers an interactive, customizable tour of the A6, illustrating the model’s impressive feature set through a virtual experience like no other. It puts customers in the driver’s seat, demonstrates the A6’s superiority, and practically drops prospective buyers off at the showroom for a pre-scheduled test drive.

Screenshots of Audi A6 app developed by ArcTouch

The Audi A6 Experience for iPad starts at the intersection of technology and style

Red Audi A6 in a showroom
Engine in Audi A6 app by ArcTouch


Audi speaks to a discerning audience with exacting tastes. To promote their latest model, the company required a mobile application that matched the technical and aesthetic appeal of the automobile. A web site simply couldn’t provide the same visceral experience as a mobile app. Faithfully communication the hands-on Audi experience and matching the brand promise was essential.


ArcTouch engineers meshed with the Audi app design team to identify and exploit methods that would mimic the experience of owning an A6. We integrated accelerometer use to simulate Audi Quattro steering, designed full-screen tours of a customizable 3D car interior, and pressed every advantage available through iOS. As a result of our focus on a rich experience, both the Audi executive team and Audi customers reported exceptionally high satisfaction levels.

Person using app in front of white Audi