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by: | Mar 8, 2024


Your path to building accessible apps starts here

downloadable app accessibility checklist

Building an accessible app requires a commitment from everyone on a product team. And that commitment starts on day one of a project. This App Accessibility Checklist offers tips and best practices for builders to make your product more inclusive and lovable. Complete the form below to download this free checklist.

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The app accessibility checklist provides clear and actionable advice to guide designers and developers through all phases of your project.

  • Before you start building, from getting commitments across the whole team to understanding accessibility standards and regulations.
  • During UX/UI design, from delivering a clean, simple interface to enabling important accessible features like font scaling and alt text for screen readers.
  • During engineering and QA, from when to use native accessibility tools to how to test for accessibility.
  • After launch, including steps to ensure your app is accessible over its lifecycle.

Need help building accessible apps and websites?

For more than 15 years, ArcTouch has helped companies create lovable apps and websites. Whether you’re building a new product or want to improve the accessibility of an existing one, our accessibility experts can help. Contact us today for a free consultation.