Adamoji Emoji Keyboard App a Key Part of Integrated Marketing Campaign

by: | Aug 22, 2016

adamoji emoji keyboard app iconIt’s back-to-school season, which means it’s also prime time for many brands trying to reach students and parents. Best Buy, via an integrated marketing campaign designed by ArcTouch parent company Grey and featuring comedic actor Adam Devine, is aiming to become the go-to resource for new college students and parents “to learn about and enjoy the best technology.” One key piece of that comprehensive campaign: a custom emoji keyboard app created by our team at ArcTouch.

Now available in the iOS App Store, the “Adamoji: Back to School with Adam Devine” emoji keyboard complements the campaign by helping Best Buy to increase mindshare with its target audience on the popular mobile messaging and social media applications students are already using. Specifically, a custom emoji keyboard provides unique content for an audience craving something to make their texts and social posts different from the rest. Considering that teens spend the equivalent of a full day on their phones over the course of a week, according to one recent report, that adds up to a lot of content.

Emoji keyboard actor Adam Devine

Devine, an actor known for his roles in TV’s Modern Family, the Pitch Perfect films, and current movie release Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, has broad appeal to college age audiences — in fact, during a campaign shoot on a college campus, Devine was “bumrushed” by a group of students. His widespread appeal, his expressive face, and his comedic talent make him the ideal model for an emoji keyboard.

Thanks to his animated nature, there was no need for using caricatures or illustrations — and the Adamoji emoji keyboard is unique in that it features photographic emoji. The various emoji show Devine smiling, frowning, smirking, brandishing slices of pizza, wearing devil horns, and more.

Taking on an emoji keyboard app UX challenge

With our vast experience in developing a variety of simple and complex mobile apps, we’re always thinking about how to deliver the best possible user experience — even for what may appear to be a fairly straightforward emoji keyboard app.

adamoji emoji keyboard app screenOne of the biggest challenges for developing custom emoji keyboard apps on iOS is helping users add it to their keyboard list — unfortunately not a very straightforward task based on how Apple designed this. To solve this, we eliminated one step by launching the user directly to the “Keyboard” area in the Settings app after installing the keyboard. We also offer up clear, step-by-step instructions on how to activate the emoji keyboard for popular messaging and social media apps through Settings.

But we wanted to do more than that. So, we made it possible to launch and use the keyboard app by tapping the app icon on your phone home screen, just like every other type of app. You can open Adamoji directly — and then share the emoji images through other apps without installing the custom keyboard in Settings. Most emoji keyboard apps can only be used through other apps. It’s another UX path for users to ”get Adamotional” with this new emoji keyboard.

So, now it’s your turn. What do you think? Try out the Adamoji emoji keyboard app and let us know what you think!

Need a custom emoji keyboard app for your brand?

As Best Buy and many others have shown, a custom emoji keyboard is a great way to reach new customers or give your existing customers fun new content to share. If you want to see how an emoji keyboard app could help your business, contact us.