Application lifecycle management

Just because you published your app, it doesn’t mean you’re done. The world around your app is constantly changing, and your app will need to evolve. With our Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) service, we provide analysis, technical support, maintenance and peace of mind that your app will continue to function the way it was designed.

ArcTouch offers ALM to clients for free for 15 days after the launch of an app. After those 15 days are over, you can choose to renew it for a period of time ranging from three months to two years.


ArcTouch will use a combination of analytics tools and crash monitoring to make sure your app is performing as expected. If we find issues, we’ll let you know what’s happening and make recommendations on how to address them.

Technical support

With ALM, ArcTouch’s product leaders will respond promptly to any questions you may have about the functionality of your app or the way it is designed or implemented. And should any problems arise, we’ll diagnose the issue and identify how to resolve it.


Stuff happens. Issues arise. Changes to your app will need to be made to keep it current over time. Some examples of things that could happen that might require updates to your app:

  • New versions of a mobile OS (e.g. iOS, Androids, Windows) are introduced.
  • 3rd party plug-ins or other services your app uses (e.g. a social sharing feature) might be updated.
  • As your user base grows, unintended use cases expose new issues.

Don’t let your app get out of date. Talk to ArcTouch today to learn more about our ALM service.

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