Great mobile app design starts with the user

We often get asked what separates a good mobile app design from a great one. It’s pretty simple, really: the user.

Designing a great mobile app is much more than just pretty screens. It’s about the customer journey — the path your users take starting the moment they download your app, and includes all the critical steps they take in the process of reaching the goals you defined as part of your mobile app strategy. Depending on the nature of your app,  this user experience (UX) design could include app store discovery, first launch/onboarding, social/sharing, checkout/purchase, re-engagement, and much more.

Once we’ve nailed the UX design, then we can focus on the visual refinements of the user interface (UI). This is where thoughtful details create the lasting nature of an app’s experience. It’s the little things like subtle animations, interesting backgrounds, surprising bursts of color that can transform an effective mobile app design into something delightful and memorable. It’s what turns users into loyal users, who become your most effective evangelists to encourage more usage.

Mobile app design | User experience (UX)

During the UX design, ArcTouch creates design concepts that show how to meet the business goals defined during our Strategy phase. This phase includes the following activities and deliverables.

UX activities

  • Develop interaction design concepts
  • Develop wireframes
  • Define content strategy
  • Create app prototypes
  • Conduct user testing

UX deliverables

  • Content schema
  • App wireframes
  • App copy document
  • Testing insight and results
  • Back-end / API requirements

Mobile app design | User interface (UI)

During this part of the mobile app design phase, ArcTouch will create the visual design system for the app’s user interface and then design the individual screens that comprise the app’s UI. We’ll take your company’s existing brand or product guidelines (if they exist) and weave these thoughtfully through the app’s UI to reinforce your image in a consistent and professional manner.

UI activities

  • Create screen-level nomenclature
  • Create multiple design concepts
  • Extend the brand look and feel
  • Create app prototypes
  • Conduct user testing
  • Refine and extend final design concept

UI deliverables

  • Unified visual design direction
  • Custom iconography
  • Design layouts in Photoshop or Sketch
  • Production ready assets
  • Mobile style guide

What’s next?

During design, we also begin the engineering phase of our process.

Learn about ArcTouch’s mobile app engineering process