We’re Beaming With Pride!

by: | Jul 4, 2009

Beam It! Now Available In App Store

Today Beam It! was accepted into the app store and we couldn’t be happier. Now you can effortlessly beam your contact info to another iPhone or iPod Touch user. Those “oohs” and “ahhs” that you’re hearing today are not from the July 4th fireworks, but from Beam It! users marveling at the simplicity of the spontaneous peer-to-peer contact sharing over wireless Bluetooth.

TEST FORM – Checkboxes

Other versions: mc-long, mc-gated, mc-email-only

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Beam It! Game Kit Sample Code Available For iOS App Developers

ArcTouch is offering the full Beam It! iOS Game Kit bluetooth sample code with free usage rights for iPhone app developers and iPad app developers to add Game Kit to their own apps. And since we’re app development experts, we can help you get your app up and running with Game Kit and add amazing peer-to-peer capabilities.