We Got Mojo! (early access to the Palm Pre SDK)

by: | Jun 12, 2009

Early Access To Palm Pre webOS, Mojo Application Framework, and Mojo SDK

Palm webOSPalm has accepted ArcTouch into the early access Palm Pre developer program and given us the Palm Pre Mojo SDK. We’re thrilled to be part of this exclusive group of Palm Pre developers who have early access and are well underway to developing great Palm Pre software applications for our clients.

Palm Pre webOS

Palm webOS, the next generation operating system from Palm, integrates the power of a window-based operating system with the simplicity of a browser. The user experience is designed around multitasking, and makes it easy to run background applications, switch between applications in a single step, and handle interruptions and events without losing context. Using webOS, we’re able to develop fast (and beautiful) apps for our customers.

Palm Pre Mojo Application Framework

Palm webOS applications are easy to program using Mojo, a new application framework based on the HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript standards. WebOS applications are installed and run directly on the device at native speed and have access to a wide range of device services.

Mojo allows us to:

  • Program apps with gesture-based navigation, transitions, and scrolling
  • Use the webOS notification system to alert users without interrupting them
  • Leverage the local storage capabilities of HTML5 so that data is available even when users are offline
  • Use a JSON-based message bus to tap into a wide range of device services, including contacts, calendars, and location

Palm Pre Mojo SDK

Besides the Palm Mojo Application Framework, the SDK includes an Eclipse-based IDE, sample code, documentation, and development tools.

Application Development For Palm Pre

There’s currently a limited number of apps in the Palm App Catalog so there’s plenty of opportunity for new applications. If you’ve got a brand new idea for an app, or you’ve got an existing iPhone, Android or BlackBerry app that you want to offer on the Palm Pre, contact ArcTouch to learn about our custom application development and programming services for the Palm Pre.

“Crikey! I’ve lost my Mojo! Thank the Queen that ArcTouch is building my app for me. Oh behave!” – Austin Powers