iGevalt Chanukah Dreidel Game For iPhone

by: | Dec 12, 2009

iGevalt Chanukah Dreidel Game For iPhone and iPod

iGevalt for iPhone application icon

iGevalt is beautiful Chanukah dreidel game with realistic 3D graphics and sounds. You spin the dreidel with a swipe of your finger, or by using two fingers and “spinning” it.  When it lands, a popup appears that shows you what you got and what to do with the “pot” when you’re playing the dreidel game. iGevalt is available now for the iPhone and iPod touch for $.99 from the app store.

Available In iPhone App Store

iPhone App Created In Just 6 Days

It’s a miracle! ArcTouch created iGevalt in just 6 days! And on the 7th day… we submitted it to the Apple app store!  Just in time for Chanukah.

Seriously, this app was created in exactly one week, but still has the polish and refinement you can expect from the iPhone apps that ArcTouch creates. We used a 3D modeling tool to create the stunning dreidel graphics, including the shadows and reflections, and recorded a series of audio clips from children playing an actual dreidel game for the realistic sounds during play.

iPhone with iGevalt dreidel app

The experts agree, iGevalt is the best dreidel app available for the iPhone and iPod. Here’s some proof:

It’s super fun! My dad doesn’t like me getting chocolate fingers all over the phone’s screen though.  (Jason, 5)

Oy vey. This is about as authentic as you can get without the real thing… and I should know!  Now can you use that GPS to help me find some good latkes? (Rabbi Abraham Westheim, 62)

Looking for an app of your own? Contact us for a free estimate. ArcTouch offers complete iPhone application development and programming services.

For those who were wondering, there’s a wide variety of ways to spell Chanukah and Dreidel. Here’s the most common variations: Chanukah, Hanukah, Chanukkah, Hanukkah, Dreidel, Dreydel, Draydel.

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