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Introducing Echo: A free memory game for Apple TV

A free memory game for Apple TV

Can you become an Echo Master using the new Siri Remote for Apple TV? Echo is a free retro-style game that tests your memory, and your reflexes.

  • Memory Game: Click, shake and swipe the Siri Remote as you follow and repeat the actions you see on screen.
  • Speed Game: React quickly to what you see on screen with a click, swipe or shake — but don’t make an error or the game is over.

Echo immerses you in a surreal moonscape with a custom electronic dance music soundtrack and effects. Challenge your friends and family to try to keep up with the beat — and see who can take the top spot on the Echo Masters leaderboard.

Go Echo with this simple and addictive brain game developed by ArcTouch. It’ll be the easiest and hardest game you play on the new Apple TV.

Building Echo: A Blog Series About Developing for Apple’s New TV Platform

Apple dubbed the new Apple TV as the “future of television.” It has the potential to disrupt how we consume content and how we interact with media in the living room. And for the first time, Apple has invited companies to help shape that future living room with the introduction of its App Store.

ArcTouch, a top app design and development firm that’s been creating engaging mobile experiences since the dawn of the iPhone, was given early access to new Apple TV development units. And in the course of three weeks, we conceptualized and created the Echo Game. We think we created a fun and highly addictive game that we’re all excited about playing — but for us, the project was bigger than that. It was a chance to apply our design and development skills to an entirely new platform — and share what we learned with others interested in exploring the platform.

In our series, we’ll share our journey from ideation to the submission process and everything in between. We hope you find the series informative and useful. And if you are exploring an idea for an Apple TV app, we’d be happy to talk with you about what it would take to build it.

BUILDING ECHO: A blog series on developing for the Apple TV