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A blockchain consulting and development company with a track record of digital leadership

With over 10 years of software development experience, ArcTouch helps companies transform their businesses through blockchain-based decentralized apps and immutable ledger technology.

“#1 rated blockchain development company in San Francisco”


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Our blockchain industry expertise spans supply chain, beverages, financial services, automotive, consumer products and field support.

  • AB InBev logo beverage industry blockchain project

    Beverage industry

    Confidential Ethereum and Azure blockchain project.

  • EZCORP logo financial services blockchain project

    Financial services

    Confidential HyperLedger and Azure blockchain project.

  • VW logo automotive blockchain project

    Automotive industry

    Confidential Ethereum and Azure blockchain project.

“Blockchain technologies promise new economic, business, social and technological models that can pervasively impact business and society. Enterprise architecture and technology innovation leaders must understand the implications to exploit this disruptive, but immature, technology.”

— Gartner Group

arctouch blockchain development services

Blockchain development services

We create blockchain solutions to drive your business forward with true competitive advantages and a defined ROI.
  • blockchain strategy

    Strategy & architecture

    From opportunity analysis to ideation and deep-dive technology workshops, our blockchain experts can help you explore opportunities for your business.

  • blockfirst code blockchain

    Rapid prototyping

    Our blockchain developers can build a working proof-of-concept DApp for you in just a few weeks, so you can quickly measure the impact to your business.

  • blockchain implementation

    Production implementation

    ArcTouch's blockchain development team creates secure and scalable production deployments, and can handle ongoing support and DevOps.

Our blockchain experience includes:

  • Blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) platforms from Microsoft, Amazon AWS, and IBM
  • Leading blockchain protocols, such as Ethereum, Hyperledger, Corda, and Quorum
  • Public, private and hybrid consensus models
  • Tokenization and ICO evaluation
  • Blockchain development and test tools, including Wallet, Geth node, MetaMask, Remix, Truffle, TestRPC
  • Smart contract languages, including Solidity

It’s time to think “blockchain first”

Over the past decade, ArcTouch has helped companies establish a mobile-first mindset, developing apps that transform how people use mobile and connected devices, between companies and their customers and within the enterprise for their employees. Now it’s time to reimagine how these apps are built behind the scenes.

Blockchain-based decentralized apps are the future. This technology shift is as significant to businesses in the next decade as the mobile revolution has been to the past decade. Forward-looking business leaders should start planning their blockchain-first strategy now.

With our history and technical expertise in mobile, connected smart products, and enterprise apps, we’re well-equipped to leverage the unique benefits of blockchain technology as part of next-generation connected applications.

Insights from ArcTouch's blockchain experts