Free Figma UX templates to kickstart your app and chatbot design process

by: | Oct 14, 2020

Judging by the thousands of downloads, designers love our free UX design templates. So, we’re happy to share the news that we’ve now added Figma UX templates for designers (like us) who use Figma among their go-to app design tools.


How UX design templates can start your app design process

As we like to say around here, great app design is much more than just designing pretty screens. Before you start designing an app or chatbot, you must first create great user experience (UX) documentation. It must capture the application’s primary use cases and user journey. It should be focused. And it needs to outline specific user interactions and how each screen is connected to your digital product’s purpose.

Our app design team uses these same UX design templates to quickly build schema and user flows. Having a template as a starting point allows you to visualize and iterate on ideas quickly and easily. It saves time and leads to a more polished app or bot project.

How to use our UX design templates for Figma and Sketch

The app UX design template is divided into sections for schema, user flows, and symbols. The schema and user flows are the starting point for your UX documentation, and the symbols include common icons and connectors for features and user interactions.

The bot UX template is divided into sections for bot conversation flow and symbols. There’s an example bot to use as a starting point for your UX documentation, and common symbols from popular messaging platforms to describe the user interactions.

Bad things happen when you don’t plan

Too many app projects fail when teams skip UX planning and jump right into UI design. Or, teams start development immediately without fully understanding the required user experience and success metrics. A good app has to be focused and delightful for the user. The mobile UX design process takes time and a wiliness to iterate user flows as you test them against user scenarios.

If you skip the planning completely, chances are your project will experience disruptive scope changes. UX problems that arise during engineering can be costly — both for time and money.

Spending a little more time upfront — and building great user flow and schema documentation — will save you a lot of time in the long run. And it all starts with a good template.

Need help with app design?

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