Liquid Death

A website to quench your thirst with some killer water.

A can of Liquid Death is placed among an array of human skulls.
A can of Liquid Death is placed among an array of human skulls.
A can of Liquid Death is placed among an array of human skulls.


ArcTouch and AKQA helped Liquid Death create a commerce website for their iconic water brand.

This fully responsive website integrates with Shopify, and helps customers find and buy Liquid Death products and merchandise. It also includes brand content, social media videos, and a loyalty program.

Don’t be scared. It’s just water.

Murder your thirst and look good while doing it

Shop for mountain water, flavored sparkling water, iced tea, and death dust. Buy killer merch for your mind, body, and home.

Find a death dealer near you

Buy your favorites online or venture out to a local store nearby.

Join the club and sell your soul

Join the Country Club loyalty program for members-only merch, early access to limited-editions, invites to private events, and more.


Browse and search beverages

Locate an online or physical retailer

Purchase Liquid Death branded merchandise

Join the "Country Club" loyalty program

View brand and social media content

Responsive Shopify store

Mobile Friendly

Responsive site


Shopify integration

Location Aware

Store finder detects current location

A tall can of Liquid Death is placed beside two smaller packages of powdered substances labeled with the same brand, all set against a dark blue background.
Screenshot of an app page featuring the Liquid Death app by ArcTouch and a 12-pack box, rated 4.9 stars from 358 reviews. Options for mountain water and sparkling water are shown.Mobile screen displaying the Liquid Death app's homepage with sections including "Beverages," "Weed," and "Watch Your Thirst." A large image above shows a hand in water with the text “Don't Be Scared. It's Just Water.”.Screenshot of a Liquid Death app page displays beverage options like "Grim Leafer" and "Iced Tease" in packs of 12 or 24. Features include product images, prices, and purchase links.
Image showing a Liquid Death website, featuring a can of Mountain Water and its packaging. The webpage includes product details, shipping options, and the "Buy Now" button.
A website homepage featuring a close-up of a person holding a Liquid Death canned water with the text "DON'T BE SCARED. IT'S JUST WATER". Below are categories for Beverages and Merch on the ArcTouch Liquid Death website.
Screenshot of a webpage displaying various flavors of ArcTouch branded Liquid Death website available for purchase. The page includes options for cases and individual cans.
A hand wearing a white glove is holding a floral-patterned teapot. The teapot is broken, with pieces scattered below. Behind the teapot, there are two cans of Liquid Death.

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