A website for Acoustasonic, the guitar that pushes creative boundaries.

A person is playing a Fender guitar on stage under red lighting.
A person is playing a Fender guitar on stage under red lighting.
A person is playing a Fender guitar on stage under red lighting.


ArcTouch and AKQA helped Fender create the Acoustasonic website for the launch of the new version of this innovative guitar.

This responsive, mobile-friendly website features stunning visuals, delightful scrolling animations, and fully rendered 3D models of this all-in-one instrument that pushes the boundaries of musical creativity.

Get to know the Acoustasonic

Experience the Acoustasonic® Player Telecaster®, an all-in-one instrument to push the boundaries of your creativity.

Explore the guitar in 3D

Interact with animated 3D models of the new streamlined and stage ready fully hollow body design.

Shop for an Acoustasonic

Explore all the models to find the right guitar for you, from the studio to the stage, and purchase online when you’re ready to jam.


Explore the Acoustasonic family of instruments

Fully responsive website built in Next.js and React.js

Complex parallax views triggered by scrolling

Buy direct from Fender with ecommerce integrations

Integration with 3D models

Animations created with GSAP

Mobile Friendly

Built in React.js and Next.js

3D Designs

Interact with fully rendered 3D models


Animated visuals and parallax scrolling

Two acoustic guitars by Fender with different finishes (one sunburst and one white) are positioned side by side outdoors with a blurred cityscape and waterway in the background.
Image of a Fender website in orange color, displayed against a white background with text reading "HEAR THE FULL SONIC RANGE" to the right of the website.
Image of a web page displaying the Fender website by ArcTouch. The page features text describing it as "The New Hybrid" and contains a button prompting to watch a product film.
Image displaying three Fender guitars: Acoustasonic Telecaster, Acoustasonic Stratocaster, and Acoustasonic Jazzmaster, each with a brief description and a "Shop now" button on the Fender website.
Person in a white shirt playing a Fender electric guitar under colorful stage lighting.

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Images from Fender

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