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A Great Place To Work

Would you like to join a company in Brazil with the feel of a Silicon Valley startup? A company where we turn our clients into heroes, while creating lovable apps and connected experiences? At ArcTouch we challenge ourselves everyday, using the latest technologies and working with global clients, such as Audi, Walmart, 3M, HP, Disney and Hawaiian Airlines. We recently received a Great Place To Work award as one of the top 50 tech companies in Brazil.

Badge: ArcTouch named a Great Place to Work and a top-50 technology company in Brazil in 2019. Read the blog post.

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A Great Place to Live

Florianópolis or the “Ilha da Magia” (Island of Magic), as it is affectionately known, has more than 42 beaches, great hiking trails, and many bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. Considered the Silicon Valley of Brazil, Florianópolis is a tech hub with the perfect mix of innovation, entrepreneurship, and quality of life! Want to move here? We offer relocation assistance to help you with your transition! Happy where you are? No problem! We’re also open to remote work.

Career Opportunities

ArcTouch respects and values everyone regardless of race, disability, ethnicity, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender expression or education.

All of our opportunities are open to people with disabilities. Everyone is welcome here.