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UX/UI design is more than just pretty screens

ArcTouch’s world-class product designers create digital experiences that combine utility and delight. Our mission is to create lovable digital products that deepen users’ connections to your business or brand.

There’s a sense that UI design is about creating beautiful screens. That helps, but the most important aspect of app design is UX. A pretty UI can’t solve problems as a thoughtful UX can. So, how do they come together?

Designing a great User Experience (UX)

We start by understanding your business goals and the user’s needs and then find the intersection between them. This becomes the project’s reference — serving to align every member of our team on a path to success.

Designing a beautiful and effective User Interface (UI)

Once the UX foundation is created, we dive into UI design. The emphasis during this phase maps back to the specific user problems and your project’s business KPIs. Screens must be visually appealing, but, more importantly, the key elements on those screens should drive people to the intended goal.

User testing through rapid prototyping

Is our design solving a user problem? The best way to find out is to do user testing and get validation before we get too far into development. Graphical prototypes help us rapidly identify high-level UX problems and gain actionable feedback on detailed UI features.

Our services and expertise

Product strategy

Feature ideation

Innovation spikes

Competitive analysis

Roadmap prioritization

Design workshops

Product strategy

Feature ideation

Innovation spikes

Competitive analysis

Roadmap prioritization

UX design

Design audits

Persona identification

User journeys



User flows


UI design

Design audits


Visual Concepts


Rapid prototyping

Production design

Asset preparation

Design QA

Design optimization

Design systems

A/B testing

User testing

KPI analysis

Design tools



Adobe XD

Adobe Creative Cloud

Cinema 4D






Flexible options for working together

We provide the whole team

We can provide a complete project team and lead your idea from concept through launch.

We join your existing team

One or more of our experts can join an existing project team to augment your capabilities.

“From strategy to execution to ongoing support, ArcTouch continues to be a tremendous partner in our digital transformation.”

Tom Rowe, McCormick Digital Marketing Operations Manager

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