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Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Enterprise Development Mobility Solutions for Employees and Business Partners

We help businesses build mobile solutions that scale

Today’s enterprise must take a scalable approach to developing mobile apps and experiences for its workforce. Establishing a modern mobile center of excellence (MCoE) can put you on the path to building a catalog of applications that employees love to use — and provide a true business advantage by increasing productivity and providing a competitive advantage.

At ArcTouch, we believe companies can only achieve success with their enterprise mobile apps if they:

  • Take a platform approach, allowing developers to gain efficiency by leveraging common technologies.
  • Establish best practices for user experience.
  • Create a clear plan for how to keep pace with fast-changing mobile technology using DevOps at the core.

“Workplace apps for employees deserve the same quality and delight found in consumer-facing apps in the public app store.”
— Adam Fingerman, ArcTouch Chief Experience Officer


What makes ArcTouch enterprise mobility different?

We’ve been building delightful and effective apps since the dawn of the app store. The foundation of our enterprise mobile solutions start with these differentiators:

Delightful UX

User experience has long been a deciding factor in app success for consumers. An enterprise app is no different. Employees now expect work mobile interfaces to be as rich, engaging and joyful as their consumer apps. At ArcTouch, the user is always the center of attention.

Make it beautiful

Smart Innovation

Innovation is more than a static mobile interface to an existing legacy system. Mobile apps can transform the way business is conducted and work gets done. Our applications use AI and deeply integrated cloud services to deliver smart new capabilities and enhance productivity.

Give it intelligence

Enterprise Scale

A platform approach with agility, development efficiency, and deployment management are essential to to achieve global enterprise scale. We design and architect each app to fit into your bigger mobile ecosystem, using an agile approach that delivers immediate and sustainable long term value.

Build for scale

Deeply Secure

Our expertise drives deep into all aspects of digital security, including device management, app access and corporate data protection. We secure every last byte with a comprehensive approach to mobile app device and data security.

Keep it safe

ArcTouch's enterprise mobility engagements

Our enterprise mobility services are customized based on the needs of your business. The types of engagements include:
  • ArcTouch enterprise mobility visioning

    Digital Visioning

    Duration: 1-4 weeks
    • Digital strategy
    • Use case assessment
    • Feature & function ideation
    • Technical landscape assessment
    Goal: Define strategy, establish confidence and trust among team members

  • ArcTouch enterprise studio app development

    Enterprise Studio

    Duration: 3-8 weeks
    • High impact MVP
    • Initial UX Research
    • Product roadmap
    • Technology blueprint
    Goal: Credibility, alignment on the vision and path to Enterprise Delivery

  • ArcTouch enterprise mobility delivery

    Enterprise Delivery

    Duration: 8+ Weeks
    • Immersive UX and design
    • Complete project management
    • End-to-end engineering
    • QA, lifecycle management, performance testing
    Goal: Partnership, realization of the vision, digital innovation

Insights from ArcTouch's Enterprise Mobility experts