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An app that helped a sales team soar to new heights

The Honeywell Aerospace Business Jet app empowers field sales reps with an interactive product catalog and CRM tool. Easily updated through a web-based CMS, the app showcases the entire product line, ensures access to the latest presentations, videos, and brochures, and doubles as a presentation tool at trade shows.

  • A sleek way to demo

    This interactive catalog professionally presents Honeywell Aerospace products, eliminating the need for expensive, unwieldy, and perishable printed materials.

  • Gracefully create records and actions

    New business leads can be captured right from the app into Honeywell’s Salesforce CRM, taking sales productivity to new heights.

  • Always current

    A mobile-optimized CMS ensures that users access the most current content, published via the web, automatically synchronized, and available even when there’s no network connection.

“At our very first trade show where we used the app, we captured leads worth $24M. NOW THAT’S ROI.”
— Shane Barnhill, Sr. Manager of Digital Strategy, Honeywell


Honeywell Aerospace sales reps were using antiquated sales materials that hobbled their ability to effectively command attention. Unwieldy printed materials mismatched the enterprise-class aesthetic of Honeywell products, were frequently out of date and hard to search through. ArcTouch was tasked with developing a lighter-than-air app to help land clients.


The ArcTouch team created something easier to use and as high quality as Honeywell Aerospace Business Jet products. The application works offline, crucial when your sales meetings typically occur in network-challenging locations like aircraft hangars. It supplies field reps with always-current data and captures new business opportunities seamlessly as they happen – keeping the conversation flowing and the leads coming. In just one tradeshow, the app captured over $24M in business leads.


In just one trade show, the app captured over $24M in business leads.