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5 ingredients for a successful mobile center of excellence

How to build great apps for your workforce at scale

What you'll learn

We’re entering the era of mobile 2.0. With the maturation of mobile technology, today’s businesses have the opportunity to create a library of easy-to-use apps and experiences that help employees do their jobs more effectively. Apps at scale.

But how do you create apps at scale? By establishing a mobile center of excellence (MCoE). In this ebook, we share the 5 key ingredients to building a successful MCoE for your business.  

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  • A platform approach

    Understand the importance of using use platform thinking in everything you do.

  • AI and machine learning

    Take advantage of the “smart” tools available in the marketplace.

  • Security and privacy

    Ensuring the integrity of app data is crucial — for your business and your teams.

  • A DevOps process

    Efficiently manage the lifecycle of your apps with a defined team and consistent process.

  • Understanding the customer

    Employees expect their workplace apps to be great — not just functional.