‘WOOO!’ if You Win with This New App

by: | Dec 15, 2015

Here’s a recipe for a successful app: Combine one part utility, one part business value and add in an addictive social component — and TAH-DAH…

ArcTouch is happy to share the news that our latest app design project, the WOOO! app from ChatCook Inc., is now live in the iOS App Store.

APP STOREWOOO! is a time-based, video and photo contest platform for iPhone that lets users compete for cash prizes in fun and outrageous challenges. Each day, new challenges are added and some come to an end. There are two ways users can participate in WOOO! challenges: You can vote on contest submissions by favoriting the single best submission in a contest, or you can submit a photo or video.

Each challenge is unique with different prizes. And once users join one, it’s easy from within the WOOO! app to share socially and try to get votes from friends — giving the app a viral component driven by everyone’s motivation to win.

The problem the WOOO! app solves

The WOOO! app helps connect people with similar interests in a fun way — and as the WOOO! community grows, businesses can reach those users based on their self-selected interests. For example, one contest might ask users to post mouth-watering photos of their lunch — and could be sponsored by a restaurant chain that offers a free meal as a prize.

Businesses also find WOOO! interesting because it’s a chance to connect with millennials during live events. Sporting events and concerts are perfect opportunities for businesses to sponsor and engage this user base by offering prizes for contests in the app.

The WOOO! project 411

ChatCook engaged with ArcTouch to help shape the idea for the app, and then design the user experience and interface, the visual style and product branding. The technology and engineering portion of this project was completed by ChatCook’s internal development team.

The project began with ArcTouch’s app strategy process, where we performed a two-day discovery session to define what would become the app MVP. The client’s initial ideas as to how users would interact were complex. The teams from ArcTouch and ChatCook focused in on a lean concept, and defined the foundation for content, artwork, user engagement, and brand awareness. We also worked through product naming exercises that got to the core of the emotional excitement a user would express if they won a contest, which led us to the interjection “WOOO!”
WOOO! app menu

Focus on great app design

Because the WOOO! app is very social and entertainment driven, the app design needed to be vibrant and bold. It is an incredibly colorful app with lots of fun transitions.

One of our favorite areas of the app is the Menu. When touched, the menu (shown at right) gracefully slides down from the top of the screen and only partially covers the overlapping screen. Also, we spent a lot of time designing the count-down timer that displays the time left in a challenge — an important motivator for those browsing the app and looking for the right contest to dive into.

We’re excited about the WOOO! app and have had a lot of fun with it here at ArcTouch — but what do you think? Download the app today and let us know by tweeting to us or commenting below! WOOO!