Tip ’em! Tip Calculator and Check Splitter for BlackBerry

by: | Jun 1, 2009

Tip ’em! Tip Calculator for BlackBerry Storm

tipem-iconWe’re pleased to announce Tip ’em! – a new tip calculator for the BlackBerry Storm we designed & developed for Azoombi. Tip ’em! helps you quickly and accurately determine the tip amount on a check and split the bill between multiple diners. It makes it easy to exclude items from the tip calculation, such as drinks and tax, and includes built-in tip suggestions for over 20 countries.


BlackBerry Storm App That Looks Like An iPhone App

Tip calculators in general are nothing new, but this one raises the bar on both functionality and design, showing that BlackBerry apps can look just as good as any iPhone app. ArcTouch developed this BlackBerry app in Java. We combined a custom background graphic (a retro “diner” check complete with a coffee stain) with the built-in handwriting font (which our engineers figured out how to write at an angle for realism – no small feat!) and seamlessly blended in the native touch controls of the Storm for the numeric keypad entry and “picker” lists for tip amount, rounding and split amount.

Key Features Of Tip ’em! Tip Calculator For BlackBerry

  • Easily enter the total bill using the touch numeric keypad
  • Select a tip amount between 0% and 30%
  • Split the check between 2 and 10 people (optional)
  • Exclude tax and drinks from the tip calculation (optional)
  • Round the tip or the total to make splitting the bill easier (optional)
  • Includes recommended “Tip Suggestions” for over 20 countries
  • Rich graphical interface and easy to use touch controls
  • Designed exclusively for the Storm