The Tooth Fairy Is Real!

by: | Aug 5, 2013

I Saw The Tooth Fairy App

The tooth fairy is real!

Now everyone will believe in fairies with the new I Saw The Tooth Fairy app created by ArcTouch for Azoombi. Download it now for FREE.

Take a photo of your child while they’re sleeping, and in just a few seconds overlay an animated tooth fairy that flies around and sprinkles fairy dust!

You and your child will be amazed with the results:

The “I Saw The Tooth Fairy” app features:

  • Take a new photo in landscape or portrait, or use one from your Camera Roll
  • Easily adjust the size and location of the Tooth Fairy on the photo
  • Watch the animated Tooth Fairy applied to your photo in seconds
  • Save the video to your Camera Roll, post to Facebook or share by email

Magic is in the air! See for yourself and download the free Tooth Fairy app for iPhone and iPad now.

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