Star Trek PADD App Version 2

by: | Dec 3, 2012

Star Trek PADD App  – Now Available For iPhone & iPad

Stardate 2012.12.04

Developed by ArcTouch for CBS Interactive, and previously only available for the Apple iPad, the new Star Trek PADD app version 2 is now optimized for all iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch devices, including the new iPhone 5, and the iPad mini. The app features a rich database of information, full screen images, actual sound effects from the series, and an authentic LCARS experience of being in the Star Trek universe.

PADD app for iPhone & iPod touch

Star Trek PADD iPhone app created by ArcTouch app developers


PADD app for iPad & iPad mini

Star Trek PADD iPad app created by ArcTouch app developers

Updated Database, Siri Integration, and More!

Read the Star Trek PADD app press release, or see the version 2 features below.

  • Native support for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad mini.
  • Updated databank with over 170 new entries, such as Gorgan (possibly the last known inhabitant of the planet Triacus), and enhanced data and images to many existing entries.
  • The main PADD screen now has a button marked MESSAGES that shows communiqués from Starfleet Command.
  • Starbase Intelligent Response Integration (Siri) for voice-activated searching.
  • Subspace “push notifications” allow Starfleet to notify users about enhancements to the PADD databank.
  • Full screen databank images.
  • Live updating of databank content, which is delivered over terrestrial wireless channels and appears automatically.
  • Enhancements to terrestrial data feeds from Facebook and Twitter.
  • Under 50 megaquads of data for initial download stream. (Using the lingo of 21st century earth, the app can now be installed over a 3G, 4G, or LTE connections, without requiring WiFi.)