Star Trek PADD App Is Stellar

by: | Jul 15, 2011

Fans Love The Star Trek PADD App!

There were over 50 news stories posted about the Star Trek PADD app (see the list below) and tremendous buzz on Facebook and Twitter. In the first day alone, tweets about the app were sent to over 1 million people and the app was mentioned on “The Big Bang Theory” TV show’s Facebook page, which has 15 million fans, and was “liked” by over 6000 people.

#1 Top Selling iPad AppStar Trek PADD app Is #1 Top Paid App

The exciting news is that the app rocketed up the charts and within 24 hours of being available it was the #1 top selling iPad app (even ahead of Fruit Ninja, Pages & Keynote, and 3 different versions of Angry Birds). After being out for almost a week, it remains in the top 10 grossing iPad apps, and continues to be the #1 top selling iPad app in the Entertainment category in the United States and across 11 other countries worldwide.

Not a bad week!

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