What ‘ownership’ means to our app development team

by: | Jun 12, 2020

Building a successful app requires a tremendous amount of specialized expertise — but skill alone won’t do it. At ArcTouch, “ownership” is one of our core values that drives how we work every day (along with “creating minimum lovable apps,” helping our “clients become superheroes,” and standing behind our work with our “forever warranty“).

To our leadership team, ownership means taking ultimate responsibility for our individual work and for our team’s work — and being accountable for the final product the team delivers to our clients. It also means that our work isn’t done until every individual on a project team is proud of the end result. We often say that you’ll never see our name on any of the hundreds of apps we’ve built for our clients, but we treat each one like it’s our own.

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In the same way that a company’s brand can mean different things to different people, “ownership” at ArcTouch means different things to members of our team. So, I thought it would be interesting to ask them directly: “What does ‘ownership’ mean to you?” I couldn’t be prouder of what they’ve said.

Taking responsibility for our work

“Ownership means sometimes taking the extra time to do something in the best way possible. It’s not just about putting out extra effort — but to think through all possible outcomes of our actions and encourage coworkers to do the same.” — Cindy Frances, QA chapter lead

“Ownership is to take responsibility for a task — from the beginning and following through to completion.” — Felix Islava, QA analyst

“Ownership is doing my work to a standard that I would expect if the product were for me.” — Mateus Paulino, front-end engineer

“Ownership for me is providing the tools to allow every employee to perform at their best — and creating the infrastructure so that our collective talent can thrive.” — Rafael Domingues, director of technical operations

Meeting (and exceeding) client and user needs

“Ownership is not just meeting our clients’ expectations — it’s exceeding them.” — Chris Loeper, EVP of client services

“Ownership means always seeking to deliver extra delight to the users of our apps and extra value to our clients.” — Rogério Baron, Android engineer

“Ownership means that I’m able to meet our client’s expectations with my code — and with my attitude.” — Felipe Zadinello, Android engineer

“Ownership means going above and beyond your specific job to create the best product — and to help make our client stakeholders heroes.” — Lucas Ferreira, UI designer

“Ownership means we always aim to deliver a delightful experience to the end-user, regardless of our specific role or responsibility.” — Rodrigo Valentim, director of delivery

“Ownership is feeling sad when an app I worked on gets a negative review — and happy when we get positive reviews. Also, it’s an urge to address any complaints that are made and make everything perfect for the users.” — Jose Clua, Xamarin engineer

Going above and beyond the job description

“Ownership means taking every opportunity to learn and improve.” — Isis Gaona, product designer

“Ownership means not being satisfied until my team is working towards their full potential on projects that are meaningful to all involved.” — Cláudio Pedroso, QA chapter lead

“Ownership for me is wholeness. It’s attention to detail and an eye on the big picture. It’s focusing on your own tasks and what you do best, and doing everything you can to help your teammates.” — Ian Ribas, Android engineer

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