iChemoDiary For iPhone Now Available From Merck

by: | Oct 30, 2009

App Helps Patients Through Chemotherapy Treatments

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The iChemoDiary from Merck is a personal medical diary to record your chemotherapy schedule, treatments, medication and symptoms such as nausea and vomiting. The iChemoDiary is available now for the iPhone and iPod touch from the app store.

iChemoDiary App Empowers Patients To Manage Their Medical Care

Patients use the iChemoDiary app to track their experience during chemotherapy and communicate with their care givers, empowering them to take an active role in their medical care. With both quick-entry and expandable options, no details are lost, and multiple reporting options make it easy to share the information with your doctor or nurse.

Create a profile for yourself or another person with current chemotherapies and medications.

  • Touch a day of the week to record chemotherapy, medications, and symptoms. A dot on a calendar day indicates information has been recorded.
  • Quickly and easily record severity of side-effects and other symptoms.
  • See charts and reports of your chemotherapy experience on a daily or weekly basis.
  • Email reports to family and caregivers directly from your iPhone or iPod touch.

ArcTouch iPhone App Developer Snapshot

Merck LogoArcTouch was hired to create a best-in-class application that is easy to use for patients and adheres to the quality standards of the pharmaceutical and medical industry, and the FDA.

Thanks for being great partners and for all the help and suggestions you offered. And, of course, you guys did an amazing job building the app.

Featured Technologies ArcTouch Implemented:

  • Custom Calendar Control
  • Custom Graphing Library For Data Visualization
  • Core Data and SQLite

ArcTouch offers complete iPhone application development services.