Good Bye Mac OS X, Hello iOS

by: | Jun 7, 2010

Today was the first day of Apple’s Worldwide Developers’ Conference (WWDC). ArcTouch’s app developers are on-site in full force and taking it all in.

The keynote address was full of exciting news:

  • iPhone 4 with a high resolution screen and video conferencing
  • iAds interactive app-based advertisements
  • iPhone OS 4, now known as iOS 4

The last item is perhaps the most significant in our mind, since it always seemed clear to ArcTouch that the future of Apple is devices based on the iPhone/iPod/iPad platform and not the Mac OS X platform. This simple name change, combined with no mention of Mac OS X in the keynote address, now publicly suggests the phase out of the Mac OS, and a rise of touch-based devices that look and function more similar to the iPad in the future.

For most people, this may be a welcome direction. The iPad has proven to be simpler device for most people to use than their traditional desktop and notebook computers. The instant-on behavior and the instant-access to a wealth of music, video, books and app content has changed the consumption model and usage of these devices. We see this as a tremendous opportunity. The app ecosystem will continue to grow and we are excited to help our customers be part of it.

Yes, there will be a Mac OS 10.7 some day, but we say that will likely be the very last in the long proud line of Mac OS X.

Thanks Mac OS X!

You set the bar for a modern gorgeous operating system, and made it possible for the iOS to exist. Now go and enjoy your retirement.

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