Flash Apps On The iPhone

by: | Jan 25, 2010

Flash Packager For iPhone Developers

ArcTouch has been invited by Adobe to be part of a special pre-release program for the “iPhone packager for Flash“.

This allows iPhone developers like ArcTouch to design apps in Flash, but develop and deploy them using standard native iPhone code. ArcTouch’s creative teams are able work in an environment they are completely familiar with during design, but still produce true native iPhone apps. ArcTouch can also use Flash for the illustration, the animations, the interaction, and for showing it during design reviews to customers over the web. Then, when we are ready to build it, we convert it into native iPhone code.

We’re one of a small number of iPhone application developers chosen by Adobe and given access to this technology, and we’re thrilled.

iGevalt Dreidel App Featured On Adobe Site

To get started, we built iGevalt, a dreidel simulator for the iPhone. This app features realistic 3D graphics, motion and sound, and was recently featured on Adobe’s site to showcase the Packager for iPhone. iGevalt is available now in the app store.

Flash Apps To iPhone App Conversion

Do you have an existing Flash game or Flash application?

We can take your existing Flash based applications and convert them into a new native iPhone apps. You’ll benefit by being able to repurpose your existing investment and gain a faster time to market than if you were going to work with other iPhone programmers to rebuild your app from scratch. Plus, you’ll know how your application is going to look and work in advance of the programming phase.

ArcTouch is a full-service app development studio and we offer complete custom app design and programming services.

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