Capture Life’s Moments With Momentage

by: | Jun 28, 2013

All Your Life’s Moments, All in One Place

Momentage app icon
The Momentage app, developed by ArcTouch, lets you easily capture, share, and organize your experiences through photos, videos, and SoundImages™. Then share these moments with the world or with just your friends.
Download the Momentage app and make your memories last.

Key Features:

  • Record audio over a still photo and turn it into a SoundImage™.
  • Create 8MM-style videos with multiple short clips, in landscape or portrait.
  • Use a full selection of photo enhancements and effects to convey just the right emotion.
  • Capture and create a moment through a single or collection of Photos, Videos, and SoundImages™
  • Like, comment, & mention friends in any moment.
  • Edit, delete, or add to an existing moment at any time. Any moment with new content added will be recycled to the top of the feed.
  • Keep your moments private, share them with a specific group of people, or share them with the world.