Captain ArcTouch And His Super Apps

by: | Nov 1, 2009

[Editor’s note 11/1/16 – Seven years later, Captain ArcTouch still functions as an HTML5 concept app. The comic-book style app is a must read for tech and mobile historians, loaded with memorable one-liners from the very early days of mobile apps. Try it here, and enjoy.]  

Captain ArcTouch Saves Phonopolis

Captain ArcTouch application iconMeet Captain ArcTouch, digital defender of justice, and his super apps! Captain ArcTouch is an iPhone comic book app developed by ArcTouch.

iPhone With Captain ArcTouch Web App

Web Apps Delivers Full Functionality In A Browser

Captain ArcTouch is a Web App. Web apps are delivered over the Internet from a web site to an iPhone or iPod touch through Safari web browser. Unlike traditional mobile web sites, however, which are simplified web pages created for viewing over a the browser on the phone, Web Apps are very similar to the graphically rich and interactive “native apps” delivered through the iTunes App Store.

For example, Web Apps can contain complex animations and transitions through the capabilities of modern HTML5, CSS, and Javascript. Web Apps can also take advantage of unique functionality of the hardware device, such as the GPS, accelerometer, and swipe and pinch/zoom gestures. Web Apps can store data locally on the phone, and can even be launched right from the phone’s home screen into full screen (without Safari’s navigation buttons) like our very own Captain ArcTouch web app. Best of all, Web Apps can be deployed quickly and easily right from your own web site and can be updated just as easily too.

Web Apps are also more portable to other platforms, since the Android and other smartphone web browsers all support for modern HTML5 and CSS.

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