BlackBerry Curve Outsold iPhone 3G S In Q2

by: | Aug 4, 2009

BlackBerry Marketshare

The latest IDC smart phone market report claims that although the iPhone receives the most visiblity and attention in the marketplace, the new iPhone 3G S came in second to BlackBerry’s Curve as the phone most bought in America in the second quarter of 2009. In fact, according to IDC, BlackBerry smart phones outsold all iPhones.

IDC’s top ten selling smart phones in America in 2Q 2009:

  1. BlackBerry Curve (BlackBerry OS)
  2. iPhone 3G S (iPhone OS)
  3. BlackBerry Pearl (BlackBerry OS)
  4. iPhone 3G (iPhone OS)
  5. BlackBerry Bold (BlackBerry OS)
  6. BlackBerry Storm (BlackBerry OS)
  7. HTC T-Mobile G1 (Android OS)
  8. Palm Pre (webOS)
  9. HTC Touch Pro (Windows Mobile)
  10. HTC Touch Diamond (Windows Mobile)

BlackBerry OS based smart phones occupied 4 of the 6 spots in the top 10 list. If you’re thinking of developing a custom app, make sure to include BlackBerry development in your plans. We are experienced BlackBerry developers who can help you bring your app to this platform.