Best In Show At Salesforce Dreamforce

by: | Oct 7, 2012

Salesforce Dreamforce 2012 Mobile Best In Show

Best In Show Award At Salesforce DreamforceAt the recent Salesforce Dreamforce conference in San Francisco, Honeywell was awarded mobile “Best In Show” for their innovative Aerospace Business Aviation iPad app developed by ArcTouch. The mobile “Best In Show” session recognized the very best custom enterprise mobile apps that leverage the Salesforce platform, and ArcTouch is thrilled that our app is the best of the best.

Honeywell Aerospace Business Aviation iPad App

The Honeywell Aerospace Business Aviation iPad app helps Honeywell salespeople share information about their products with prospective customers. Previously Honeywell relied on printed sales materials in three ring binders, which were not a very effective way to find information, nor were very engaging with customers. In addition, the information changed frequently and needed regular costly reprints and curation to keep the binders up to date.

Honeywell Aerospace iPad App developed by ArcTouch

The new Aerospace Business Aviation iPad app that ArcTouch created for Honeywell allows salespeople to find the relevant product information faster, and puts a much richer engaging set of information – videos, brochures, images and presentations – right at the salesperson’s fingertips. Salespeople can now more effectively communicate the information about the products and make better use of their time and the customers’ time.

Enterprise Mobile Application Platform Integration With Salesforce

The mobile application ties directly into Honeywell’s Salesforce account and allows salespeople to capture customer information and product interests right on the device, and in real-time add this information directly into Salesforce for tracking and follow up. The app uses Salesforce login information for user authentication, and can create new customer leads or log information to existing contacts. Future plans include Chatter integration, so salespeople can leverage their internal enterprise social networks to help turn prospects into customers.

The app is also integrated into a custom content management system developed by ArcTouch. This CMS allows the Honeywell sales and marketing managers to centrally update the app’s content and sync it to the apps in the field (so the salespeople always have the most current product information), send personalized messages to salespeople in the field and notify them when new products that are relevant to just their customers are available, and provide detailed analytics and business intelligence about which products are generating the most sales leads from the app.

Salesforce App Integration Experts

ArcTouch’s enterprise mobility experts are skilled in helping businesses create custom mobile apps that integrate with their Salesforce accounts. We’ve created proven solutions that enable salespeople to more effectively communicate with existing customers and prospective leads and generate more sales. Even themselves recognize that when it comes to app development, ArcTouch is among the best. They hired ArcTouch to help create two of their award-winning apps – the Salesforce Chatter iPad app and the Do iPhone app.

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