Android, BlackBerry, iPhone Market Share

by: | Jul 24, 2009

Google Android OS Market Share Exceeds Windows Mobile

The Google Android mobile platform global market share has been growing 25% month over month and is now over 5% worldwide, exceeding that of Windows Mobile, according to the AdMob Mobile Metrics Report. Google has been steadily adding additional handset manufacturers and with nearly two dozen new Android based smart phones expected in the next year, Android is likely to continue its ascent and claim a top spot as a leading mobile platform.

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BlackBerry RIM Top Smart Phone For Business Users

NPD recently reported that the BlackBerry Curve outsold the iPhone in the first quarter to become the best-selling consumer smartphone in the U.S. RIM, which already leads the corporate smartphone market in the United States, also had three of the top five best-selling consumer smartphones in the period, with the Storm at No. 3 and the Pearl at No. 4, NPD said.

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Apple iPhone OS Market Exceeds 45 Million DevicesiPhone OS Worldwide Market Share July 2009

Based on Apple’s announcement during their July quarterly earnings that 45 million iPhone OS devices have been sold worldwide, AdMob estimates that there have been over 13 million iPhone and over 12 million iPod touch units sold to date in the United States, compared to 1.9 and 1.8 million in Germany and France respectively. 54% of the world’s iPhones and 60% of its iPod touches are in the United States. This percentage has declined from 61% in January 2009, signaling that international user growth has outpaced US user growth. As a region, Western Europe has a 26% share of iPhone and iPod touch users. The worldwide ratio of iPhones to iPod touches is roughly 2 to 1.  In other words, iPhones comprised 68% of worldwide iPhone OS based devices and the iPod touch makes up the other 32%.

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