Blockchain developers and strategists by your side

BlockFirst from ArcTouch helps companies transform their business processes through blockchain decentralized apps and ledger technology. Our blockchain developers believe the value of early blockchain initiatives is bigger than just improving your technology. Blockchain has the potential to create new business opportunities and revenue streams — and increase organizational efficiency, which will generate real returns for years to come.

Blockchain services tailored to meet your needs


From blockchain business opportunity analysis to ideation sessions and even deep-dive technology workshops, we have blockchain developers ready to explore all of your blockchain opportunities.


A production-ready blockchain application is a complex multi-system solution. Without the correct approach, one can quickly stumble on challenges with scaling, security and performance. Starting with a proof of concept (PoC), our blockchain developers will help architect a scalable, secure production blockchain solution capable of delivering bottom-line business value.


So your blockchain proof of concept was a success, now what? How do you develop and operate an enterprise blockchain to gain the efficiencies of decentralization and trust? How do you launch an initial coin offering (ICO)? The BlockFirst team is here to lead your way to implementation and operational success.

We bring passion to the blockchain

A business necessity

As blockchain strategies evolve and the technology matures, organizations are becoming increasingly aware of the fundamental way that business transactions will change. This smart, decentralized, trusted and highly-encrypted network of computing nodes is poised to be the next disruptive wave on the digital landscape.

No business left behind

BlockFirst will enable businesses to derive new revenue streams from blockchain technology and implement new models for business efficiency built on smart contracts and decentralization of data. With BlockFirst, ArcTouch offers strategic business acumen and technical capabilities to help you navigate a world where blockchain enables the internet of value.

Organizations that engage early—to explore strategies, test use cases and hone their skills—increase the likelihood that they will realize a competitive advantage.

We’re at the beginning of a global technology shift

Blockchain technology dramatically changes how data is managed, enabling companies to move from a scenario where every organization maintains its own copy of a data set to one where all parties have controlled access to a shared copy.

This “mutualization” of data is only possible with strong cryptographic techniques that use public and private “keys” to ensure confidentiality and privacy. Blockchains offer a way to verify and order transactions in a distributed ledger, a record of consensus that is validated and held within a network of separate nodes (computers or servers). Entries can be altered but not deleted. Maintenance and validation is performed by communicating nodes that run dedicated software to replicate the ledger among participants in a peer-to-peer network.

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Why BlockFirst?

Over the past decade, ArcTouch has helped companies establish a mobile-first mindset, developing apps that transform how people use mobile and connected devices, between companies and their customers, and within the enterprise for their employees.

Now it’s time to reimagine how these apps are built behind the scenes. Blockchain based decentralized apps are the future, with the billions of users and every connected device forming a mesh of computing power to do things like machine learning with unhackable and permanent data stores and ledgers. This technology shift is as significant to businesses in the next decade as the mobile revolution has been to the past decade. Forward looking business leaders should start planning their blockchain-first strategy (hence BlockFirst) now.

With our history in mobile, Internet of Things, and enterprise apps — and our expertise in the technology behind those apps that power those experiences — we’re well-equipped to leverage the unique benefits of blockchain technology as part of next-generation connected applications.