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Beam It! free source code for iOS Bluetooth

Send your contact info wirelessly to another iOS device

Beam It! allows you to wirelessly send (or beam!) your contact information to another iPhone or iPad over Bluetooth or WiFi.

Think back… think back to the days of the Newton and the Palm Pilot when you could beam your contact information to another device using the IR transmitter. Nothing fancy. No network to setup. No vCard to email. It was fast, easy and just worked. We loved the simplicity of this and really missed it in our iPhone. So ArcTouch developed Beam It! wireless contact sharing for iOS, and shared the source code to help other iOS app developers.

iOS 7 multipeer connectivity free source code

ArcTouch is sharing the full Beam It! source code with free usage rights to iOS application developers looking for iOS 7 Multipeer Connectivity framework sample code, and examples of how to create ad-hoc personal area networks to send information between iOS devices over Bluetooth or WiFi networks. Contact us for more details.

License terms

You can use any portion of the Beam It! source code in your own applications (even commercial apps) but:

  • You can’t redistribute the entire Beam It! source code to anyone – you have to link back to this page.
  • You can’t compile the entire Beam It! source code and distribute an app like this (with contact beaming functionality) in the App Store under a different name
  • If you use any portion of the Beam It! code in your app we’d appreciate a mention somewhere on your site or in the application credits area (not really required, but good karma!

iOS 7 peer-to-peer networking over Bluetooth or WiFi

Beam It! uses the automatic discovery and spontaneous peer-to-peer Bluetooth or WiFi network connectivity of the new iOS 7 Multipeer Connectivity framework. The Multipeer Connectivity framework provides support for discovering services provided by nearby iOS devices using infrastructure Wi-Fi networks, peer-to-peer Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth personal area networks and subsequently communicating with those services.

Beam It! uses this framework to find other iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch devices near you that are also running Beam It! and create ad-hoc peer to peer networks. Find the device you want to “beam” to and then choose either your own contact information or any other contact from your Address Book. The card is instantly sent to the recipient and added to their Address Book.

iOS 7 Multipeer Connectivity peer to peer networking can enhance many iOS apps and provide you with a “killer” feature for your customers. Games can be truly multi-player, social networking apps can discover nearby people with similar interests, and GPS geo-location aware applications can harness the wisdom of the crowds. We are expert iOS app developers and can help you add peer to peer Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity to your apps.