New York App Development Company

Developing a great app requires more than clean code. You need vision. From understanding your customer pain-points to tackling your thorniest business challenges, ArcTouch will be your partner every step of the way so that together we deliver an app that drives the most business value and offers the best customer experience.

ArcTouch has been building award-winning mobile apps since shortly after the original iPhone was introduced. Our app developers have completed more than 350 custom apps for top companies like Razorfish, Merck, White & Case and Honeywell, along with global brands, innovative startups, and top-tier agencies located around the country. In January of 2016, ArcTouch joined Grey to become their New York app development company.

ArcTouch offers mobile strategy, app design and engineering services depending upon your specific needs.

  • Strategy: Strategy begins by researching your industry, understanding your business objectives and targeting your customer. Through discovery workshops, we help shape your strategy, align our teams, and define your app’s minimum viable product.
  • Design: During definition, we start by finding the intersection of your business needs and the ideal user experience. From there, the information architecture and user interface start to take shape, eventually evolving into visual journeys and engaging app experiences that will delight your customers and represent your brand.
  • Engineering: ArcTouch’s technical team excels at identifying the best technology for your project, so that we can deliver on time, on budget and meet our own rigid quality standards. From cross-platform development to the most complex enterprise database integration, our engineers have been there, and done that.


Hiring a reliable mobile app developer in New York shouldn’t be as difficult as trying to get through the Lincoln tunnel during rush hour. If you’re looking for a New York app development company then contact us. We’re ready to help. Our office is located at 200 5th Ave., New York, NY 10010 (map).


Razorfish New York

“Pressed for time and having no capacity for a short-term deliverable, we turned to a trusted partner, ArcTouch, to engineer a complex app within a few weeks. Not only does it look great, but it was showcased by the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce at Mobile World Congress 2015. Without question, ArcTouch rocks!”

Dan Israel, Senior Director of Client Engagement


Honeywell New Jersey

“ArcTouch solved a big business problem for us by developing an app that transformed the way our field sales teams engaged with clients. At our very first trade show where we used the app, we captured leads worth over $1M. Now that’s ROI.”

Shane Barnhill, Sr. Manager of Digital Strategy


Merck New Jersey

“ArcTouch helped us deliver a ground-breaking app that gave cancer patients undergoing chemo and caregivers a better way of logging and sharing critical treatment information. It was a complex project with a lot of stakeholders and was also Merck‘s first mobile app. The ArcTouch team excelled with their piece, and was a true partner every step of the way.”

Brinda Murphy, Program Manager
Geometry Global


Our Mobile App Development Process

Our experience, talent, and reputation for quality and reliabilty separate us from the competition. But it’s our process that ensures you get the app your business needs without surprises.

We subscribe to agile development methodology. This means with every rapid iteration and sprint we are continually testing hypotheses and learning — while communicating closely with you each step of the way. At the end of a project, you wind up with an app that delivers the most business value and the best user experience for the cost. Read more about our app development process with the following resources:


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