Agile App Development

ArcTouch Agile App DevelopmentArcTouch follows an agile app development methodology that’s flexible and predictable.

At project kick-off, all features and functional requirements are gathered and prioritized into an ordered list based on your business needs. This “release plan” is the road map of what we’re going to work on, and when. We then split the release plan into groups of features that can be completed in a two-week development cycle, called an iteration. At the end of an iteration, a fully functional bug-free product is completed for you to install on your own phone or tablet and try out. You’ll see rapid progress on a regular basis.

Then the next two-week development cycle begins again. However, unlike a typical consulting project where requirements are locked and a scope of work is difficult to change mid-stream, an agile app development process reevaluates requirements every cycle. This allows you to adjust requirements every two weeks to accommodate customer feedback and new business requirements.

These regular opportunities for you to review the progress and make corrections ensure your complete satisfaction with the project and guarantee that the mobile software application we deliver will be exactly what you want.

What you get:

  • Applications that are developed faster and have fewer bugs than traditional software.
  • A flexible development process that easily accommodates changing business needs.
  • A transparent project process that allows you to see and use the product on a regular basis.
  • Low-cost to get started and no long-term commitment.

Our team includes some of the earliest adopters of agile software development and was profiled in the MIT Technology Review.

App Quality Assurance (QA) Testing

ArcTouch knows what it takes to create rock-solid code, and we offer a broad range of app quality assurance (QA) testing services.

Each feature and functional area of your app has user-acceptance tests that are personally verified by your ArcTouch product manager and a dedicated QA engineer. App testing is always done on actual devices – not simulators. We have over 100 smartphones and tablets in our offices, and over 3000 available from a test facility.

Furthermore, to ensure the highest quality, all source code is reviewed by the project’s tech lead and through a series of peer code reviews.

We have a custom production pipeline that is unrivaled – with a continuous build server that runs code through automated tests with each check-in. Successful builds are then published to a password-protected web page for customers to download test builds directly over-the-air (OTA) to their devices.